Transport to cider houses, wineries and excursions


If you want to go to a cider house or a winery, you just need to book

Because you already have the bus. And if they gave us in litres of cider or wine the kilometres we have done with this service, we could set up a winery. It is no exaggeration. We have been taking people to cider houses, wineries and also to day or multi-day trips for many years. We have a lot of experience in this type of trips, and that is why we know that in this kind of service, enjoyment comes first. We offer a fleet adapted to the requirements of this service, comfort, safety and quality with the latest technologies applied to the transport of people. In other words, if you want to go to a cider house or a winery, you just enjoy yourself and have a good time. We’ll do the driving.

What is a day to a winery with Autocares Unitravel like?

After specifying the destination, the number of people and the best option for you from our fleet of buses, the good stuff begins.
The aim is for you to make the most of a plan with friends or family. That’s why you don’t have to worry about how to get around, which roads are better or if there are accidents along the way.

We take care of all these matters. Because for us that means offering a quality service. We will help you prepare the routes and, if you wish, we will organise the general outline of the trip. What sets us apart at Unitravel is our vast experience in trips to wineries and cider houses, as well as day and multi-day trips. That is why we know unique routes and places that will surprise you. We offer this knowledge and accompany you from start to end because our mission is not only to take you to your destination, wait for you and take you back home. We go further. At Unitravel we work with you from the moment you call us. And so, we share with you much more than just transport. We want you to have a unique experience. You know that “it’s not the bus, it’s the journey”.