School transport


For all grades, all services

We work with schools all over Gipuzkoa, with pupils of all ages in all school years, from public and private schools. Students have to get to school on time every day. And that is what we do. With a service that is totally adapted and suitable for this purpose. Furthermore, if you don’t have time to manage and organise transport, Unitravel takes care of everything. And we offer an organisation plan, adapted to the needs of each centre. This way you will have a quality service and save time in management. Because our aim is to make daily tasks easier to our clients. Moreover, we are flexible to any proposal or requirement. We are here to help.

Unitravel means quality school transport

We have a lot of experience in school transport. Both our drivers and Unitravel’s administration and management staff have been doing it for many years. For this reason, we are very rigorous in ensuring that what we offer is carried out to the letter. At Unitravel, we only offer a totally personalised school transport service for public and state schools. With one fundamental idea in mind: we take children with us and that is a huge responsibility. We want them to have a pleasant and, above all, absolutely safe experience.

Safety is everything in school transport

That is why our buses have the latest technology seat belts for maximum protection, electric braking system, ABS as well as FCW and LDW warning systems, which prevent the risk of impact with the vehicle in front or involuntary lane departure, among other measures to guarantee the safety of children. Because if we are talking about safety, the objective is for schools and parents to have peace of mind. With Unitravel you choose the confidence of knowing that when pupils go to school, on excursions or on their way home, they are in the best hands. On and off the bus.

Flexibility: because a pass mark is no good for us

At Unitravel, we know that each centre is unique and has different needs. That is why we offer a flexible service and are in constant contact with the educators and those responsible for transport. We continuously follow up with the escort service and the school to improve our service whenever possible. We are concerned about everything and everyone.

Because we care about the satisfaction of the children who get on our buses. And the peace of mind of their parents.

  • Specially selected and highly qualified drivers.
  • Escort service for children and pupils from schools or study centres.
  • Advice on route organisation and transport management.
  • Rigorous punctuality.
  • Flexibility to meet the needs and requirements of schools and pupils’ parents.
  • Direct and reliable contact with schools and parents.
  • High quality security installations and the latest technology on the market.

School transport and much more

At Unitravel school transport does not only mean transporting students to and from school. We also accompany you on excursions, end of term trips, camps, transfers and after school activities. And we also adapt easily and suggest excursions and fun activities, both in summer and winter.