Transport services for Travel Agencies


We make this trip better together

At Unitravel, we are the perfect partner for Travel Agencies and Tour Operators. That’s because we know that quickness is essential for them, and that’s why we respond to their requests for quotations within 24 hours. And, in addition, we offer them total availability of our fleet. So that they know they can count on us at any time. Thanks to our many years of experience on the road, we are able to advise travel agencies and groups on the best routes for the service they need. In addition, our drivers take care of every detail when dealing with travelers and know the operations of the holiday programs to perfection. It is an integral part of their job to provide the best service to Travel Agencies and Tour Operators.

Everyone's journey is different

There are adventurers and those who prefer a quiet holiday. Each person is a different trip. That is why at Unitravel we put all our experience, the friendly service of our drivers, our fleet and quality at the service of travel agencies and tour operators, to make their work easier and communication with travelers quicker and more efficient. Because we know that a customer wants concrete answers as quickly as possible. With our fleet, travel agencies can provide these answers and close trips at the earliest.

  • Reinforcement of regular lines
  • Planning of the logistics of long trips and private tours
  • Range of services to skiing resorts

Are you an artist? We go on tour with you

At Unitravel we work with bands and take them throughout their tour. Day after day we are at the artists’ side, to take them wherever they need to go. We wait until the concert is over to take them to their hotel. And so on every day. How does that sound?

The circuit you dream of, could be even more special

We adapt to the circuits or routes that you propose to us and we manage the possible improvements from our experience. Our aim is for you to enjoy your trips to the utmost. That’s why we offer a logistics planning service for long trips and private tours.