Transport for sports clubs


Because we love sport

We love sport. That’s why coach hire with driver for sports clubs is one of our hallmarks. In fact, it is one of our main services. We work with all types of teams. We like small clubs, but also the biggest ones, those who play little and those who play more. Those who win all the time and those who are at the bottom of the league board. For Unitravel they are all champions. We live the competitions alongside them. We suffer the defeats and celebrate the victories. No matter how far away the destination of the next match is, Unitravel is committed to take the club wherever they ask us to go. And we take much more than just a team to the field of encounter. We bring the excitement, the nervousness and the smiles to everyone in the club. In addition, we offer total flexibility for any need or requirement that may arise.

From experience

The service for sports clubs is very special for us. And since 1991 we have been working with professional, amateur and grassroots sports clubs. Lots of teams, at all levels. This experience gives us a knowledge that undoubtedly makes the difference in Gipuzkoa in the transport of sports clubs. And that is because from the very first moment we knew how to meet their needs and we continue to do so. Thus, year after year we transport more and more teams. We currently travel with national and international football, basketball, handball, swimming and athletics teams.

For comfort and flexibility

Maximum safety, highly qualified drivers, comfort adjusted to the needs of each club and a privileged flexibility are the characteristics that define our way of understanding the transport service for sports clubs. We transport sports clubs in a special way:

  • Specially selected drivers.
  • Rigorous punctuality.
  • Precise operation with meticulous attention to every detail.
  • Flexibility to meet the needs and requirements of sports clubs, fans, supporters clubs, and associations.
  • Direct and reliable contact.
  • 24-hour on-call telephone number to deal with unforeseen events.